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Help Save Informed Consent Matters

Dear Subscriber,

Many thanks for your support of Informed Consent Matters, the fearlessly independent health resource that empowers people with the information and the facts that enable them to make the right medical choices for them - knowledgeably, confidently, and freely. Thank you for all your feedback letting us know how valuable this resource has been in your health journey, and for educating family and friends.

We at Informed Consent Matters have run our resource for a full year now, disseminating information on a wide range of health topics, including vaccines, masks, and tests, and we have done this operating on the smallest of shoestrings. We have no official funders or advertisers, and are exclusively supported - not by any wealthy corporate backers who might try to influence our content - but solely by our readers, through purchases of our leaflets and booklets to help spread the message about the vital importance of informed consent.

Although the small profits we raise from retailing these materials have enabled us to cover our costs for the first year, this week, as we approach our first birthday, we have been hit with a rather unpleasant surprise - a bill for nearly £300 to renew our website, plus an extra £100 to renew our mailbox services.

We the team (there's just two of us!) are simply not able to meet these costs ourselves at the current time, dealing as so many are with rapidly spiralling costs in living - but we know how valued and respected Informed Consent Matters has become as a truly independent health resource, and we very much want to be able to keep our resource available - so we are issuing an URGENT APPEAL to our supporters to help us cover our costs and keep going by, if you can:

*Purchasing our 40-page, full-colour vaccine information booklet (£8.99 incl. UK P&P)

*Purchasing a pack of 100 leaflets on the importance of informed consent (£10 incl. UK P&P)

*Making a donation to our work on Buy Me A Coffee

(If you would like to make a contribution directly to our bank account, the details are: Nat West, a/c 70736871, s/c 53-61-07, account name: INFORMED CONSENT)

Once we have raised the money to cover our bills, that will ensure Informed Consent Matters remains available as a resource for all for at least the next two years.

Not only will we continue spreading vital awareness about the critical importance of informed consent when it comes to vaccines, masks, tests, and other medical procedures, but we will also continue to hold to account powerful public figures with our open letters. We have to date written to The Guardian newspaper, media figures such as Piers Morgan and Jeremy Vine, and politician Andrew Bridgen, amongst others, with our letters now having been read and shared tens of thousands of times.

We enormously appreciate your support to date, and in helping us to continue our work, empowering the public on the vital legal and moral imperative of truly informed consent.

Thank you.

Best wishes from,

The Informed Consent Matters Team


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