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Informed Consent Matters prioritises sharing crucial public health information, which - because it can contradict lucrative pharmaceutical and political interests - is often obscured from public view.

Because our information resource presents a challenge to these wealthy industries, we will never attract the kind of industry funding that other, more "mainstream" information resources rely on - and that dramatically influences their content. Not only do we not attract such funding, but we would not accept it if offered - because we know what conditions it comes with. 

Therefore, we are proud to be funded exclusively by contributions from our readers and supporters, which enable us to keep this resource independent, intrepid, and freely available to all.

If you have benefitted from our resource, please consider supporting us with a secure donation. Your support is crucial in enabling us to reach as many people as possible, and getting the concept of informed consent where it belongs - at the heart of public decision making and community health.

Your contribution ensures that more people have access to more facts before making what could be a life-altering decision. It really does make a difference - and potentially a life-saving one.

Please support us via Buy Me A Coffee or directly via bank transfer (details below). Thank you for your vital support in enabling us to spread the crucial message that informed consent really does matter. 

Make donations directly to our bank account:

Bank: Nat West 
Account name: Informed Consent

Sort code: 53-61-07
Account number: 70736871

Thank you for your support!

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