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Vaccine Injury

What is vaccine injury, and how do you know if you have one?

Vaccine injury is a term used to describe a wide range of negative side effects from vaccines, including but not limited to allergic reactions, the development of autoimmune conditions, and heart and blood disorders. Some examples of injuries known to be caused by the Covid vaccine include:

VITT (vaccine-induced immune thrombocytopenia and thrombosis)

Drug and Syringe

So if you've noticed any significant health changes since your Covid vaccinations, please do log these with the Yellow Card Scheme so that they can further investigate. 

Sometimes doctors and other healthcare professionals will dismiss health problems that appear after vaccination as "coincidence". While this may be so in some circumstances, it is not in all, so it's important that proper and thorough investigations are carried out whenever your health changes in a negative way, to determine what the true cause of these changes are.

Vaccine Production Line
Vaccinating A Child

These are fairly serious conditions, yet even if you have not become seriously unwell, many people have reported a general sense of feeling "just not right" since receiving Covid vaccines, with reports of persistent headaches, chronic fatigue, and the worsening of existing health conditions, becoming common.

If this sounds like you, it's important you report your experiences to the governmental Yellow Card Scheme, the body that monitors bad reactions to vaccines and other medicines. This is especially important because the Covid vaccines are so new - this means that data on risks and side effects is still being collated. In order to get a true and full picture of how safe Covid vaccines really are, it's important for anyone who thinks they might have had a bad reaction to one to make a report.


It's also generally advisable to exercise significant caution with further vaccines once you have experienced a suspected bad reaction to one, as those who have had bad reactions to previous vaccines are at a higher risk of having bad reactions to future ones. 

Several healthcare experts have made available treatment protocols for those who have been injured by Covid vaccines. Please see the links below for further information on these protocols that may be helpful for reversing any negative effects from vaccination:

Please note that the authors of this website are unvaccinated against COVID-19 and so have not personally undertaken these detoxification protocols. Therefore, we cannot personally attest to their efficacy, but we include these resources from trusted sources for information, and for the purposes of further research for those who may benefit from them.

It's not always easy to know whether your health problems are related to a vaccine, as vaccine injuries often don't appear immediately, and can develop weeks, months, or even years after the shot.

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