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About us

Editor - Miriam Finch

A professional writer with a background in health, Miriam studied Community Health and Professional Writing at the State University of New York, and went on to train as a copywriter with a top London agency. Having worked in a wide variety of commercial and business environments, in 2020, her writing took on a new direction as she began composing a collection of letter templates, designed to help those being disadvantaged or discriminated against by the coronavirus restrictions. At the time, very few legal professionals were producing such resources, as these complex new restrictions were so new, few adequately understood them. Therefore, in 2021, Miriam began to do some consultancy work for a UK law firm, assisting clients to challenge the unlawful and unethical application of the coronavirus restrictions, especially as they apply to vaccination and mask mandates.

Concerned and disturbed by the mainstream coverage of (and omission of) facts relating to the coronavirus pandemic, and that many people are making potentially life-altering decisions without the application of the medical and legal gold standard of informed consent, Miriam saw the need for a new, comprehensive, and independent resource that would give people the facts otherwise so often obscured from view, and empower them to make a truly informed choice. 

Designer and Co-Editor - Mark Finch

Mark has an extensive background in health and social care, having commenced his career as a personal assistant for adults with learning disabilities and autism, before going on to be a co-founder of an organisation providing a day-service for people in receipt of personal budgets (the first in the country to be established in response to the personalisation agenda). Mark was a prominent player in the kick-back against "one-size-fits-all" provisions, having acquired a thorough understanding that what is at the heart of ethical and successful social care is the concept of “informed choice" - that people are given all the facts (and options available to them), and then supported to make their own free and independent decision, without being coerced, manipulated, or disempowered.

After several years of co-running the above service, Mark moved into the field of community enterprise, where he worked in a variety of roles, including helping adults with learning disabilities and autism to establish their own social groups based on their own interests. Mark also helped people to become self-employed carers, focusing on helping older people to continue living in their own homes. Again, this work pivoted around the necessity of ensuring all individuals were supported in making their own free and fully informed decisions.

Upon realising these crucial principles were routinely not being applied throughout the coronavirus pandemic, and that huge pressure was being exerted on individuals to comply with schemes without being given the full facts, Mark became a vigorous campaigner for raising awareness, and helping to ensure that people (especially vulnerable people) always have a choice, and that their consent is always genuinely and fully informed.

If you've not been warned, you're not informed!

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