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Open letter to Piers Morgan and Jeremy Vine

Dear Mssrs. Morgan and Vine,

I would normally commence such a correspondence with the pleasantry, 'I hope this finds you well', but given this did not appear to be a sentiment either of you nurtured for vast swathes of the UK and global populations throughout "the pandemic" who chose to remain unvaccinated (of which I am one), I feel it would be a little disingenuous on my part.

I am writing to you today regarding the vaccination issue, and, in particular, the sudden about-face both of you are currently undertaking, with your baffling silence both on the new "booster" (more of which later), and the news being reported around the world regarding your friend and colleague, Dr. Aseem Malhotra, and his stark warnings about the dangers of Covid vaccination.

In recent weeks, Dr. Malhotra has hosted a major press conference on this issue, addressed parliament (upon their request), as well as having appeared on GB News in the UK and Fox News in the USA. So I think we can safely assume that this issue has not passed you by. Indeed, Dr. Malhotra assures us that you, Mr. Vine - in quite dramatic contrast to your previous position - are now "open minded to hear both sides" on the issue.

Meanwhile you, Mr. Morgan, have now conceded you made a number of profound errors regarding your (apparently very limited) comprehension of the science behind the vaccine, and, indeed, you have now publicly declared that "anti-vaxxers are right about everything". I realise that this comment was an attempt at sarcasm, perhaps even humour, but it is certainly not a remark you would ever have made - even in jest - at the height of "the pandemic", where you consistently used your huge platform and enormous influence to vilify and dehumanise so-called "anti-vaxxers" (e.g., people who exercise their own bodily autonomy and critical thinking faculties) in the strongest terms possible.

Given your collective feelings about vaccinations and "anti-vaxxers", Mssrs. Morgan and Vine, as expressed at great vitriolic length over your respective platforms, I now find it quite perplexing that you are neither deploying the same venom towards those who decline the new "booster" (I am not sure either of you has so much as mentioned it?), nor denouncing your friend, Dr. Malhotra - who is now echoing many of the same concerns expressed to you for years by the "anti-vaxxers" - as a crank and conspiracy theorist.

Can you clarify for your many critics why that might be?

In respect of the new "booster", I am sure that Mr. Morgan at least is abundantly aware of the fact that this concoction has not been tested on any human beings, and that eminent vaccine scientist, and adviser to the FDA's vaccine committee, Dr. Paul Offit, has cautioned against it in extremely strong terms. I have no doubt that Mr/ Morgan is aware of this fact, given it was reported by the Daily Mail, one of his long-term employers and a prolific publisher of his work. This same vehicle also reported on Dr. Malhotra's recent meeting with parliament.

In light of such bombastic and newsworthy vaccination stories sweeping the world, and given your previous very uncompromising stances on this issue, your complete silence now, would appear to deeply indict you both.

If either of you really are journalists, with all that that entails (e.g., reporting the news, rather than ignoring it when it isn't politically convenient), the only two options open to you now are:

  1. Reporting on Dr. Malhotra and Dr. Offit as cranks and conspiracy theorists, in line with your previous redoubtably strong convictions that anybody who raises safety concerns regarding rushed experimental injections for which their manufacturers bear no liability, is such a person, or

  2. Report accurately and honestly the remarks of these doctors, and those of the many thousands of other doctors, scientists, immunologists and experts who are issuing similar cautions.

If you do not immediately adopt one of these two courses of action, then you are not journalists. Rather, you are owned establishment assets tasked with deceiving the public: actors and manipulators, reading from whatever cynical script your paymasters hand over at the time, in order to socially engineer the public and manipulate the desired outcome for your owners.

It is my contention that you have both been given the instruction from your masters, "not yet". That you are to report on the catastrophic harms of the vaccines, but not at the moment, as it hasn't gone into enough arms yet to have the required shattering psychological shock when the truth is finally revealed.

This is a well-worn, tried and tested formula in mainstream media (and its very close cousin, Hollywood) - building suspense. At first, there's a few tepid reports on page 37 of the Swindon Chronicle. Then, the story gradually creeps into the nationals, though is still competing with official denials. It continues to inch up the headlines, until - bam! It becomes the top news story all across the world and all anyone is talking about. We witnessed this precise phenomenon with "Covid" - at first just a few throwaway paragraphs in the back pages about a new virus in China: within a few months, the only news there was.

If I am wrong with my insights and predictions - if I myself am a "crank and conspiracy theorist" - then prove it, by reporting on Drs. Malhotra and Offit, and others like them, now. People are being harmed by the vaccine now, people are lining up today - mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, even children - whose lives will be dramatically and needlessly harmed, and even in some cases cut short, by this injection. You could halt some of these harms and save significant lives by reporting the truth now, not when your paymasters tell you to.

Or, if you actually believe these eminent and internationally celebrated doctors are "cranks and conspiracy theorists" (of course, as journalists/actors with zero scientific training you are not really qualified to make this call), then report that. If what they are saying is ludicrous and wild delusion, then this is very dangerous to the general public and they must be exposed and stopped!

But you have to say something. Your silence indicts you more than anything else.

I desire nothing more than to be proven wrong about the pair of you (I used long ago to be a fan of Mr. Morgan's). So I ask you, on behalf of myself and all the grieving, broken families all over the world, already shattered by this injection: do your job. Follow the evidence and report the truth.

I await your swift and urgent (and public) response.

As this is an open letter, may I also request that any readers who would also like to hear a response from Mssrs. Morgan and Vine, share this letter widely on social media to ensure the named recipients are left in absolutely no doubt about the urgency and gravity of these issues.

Yours faithfully,

Miriam Finch

Founder, Informed Consent Matters


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