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Follow up to incriminatingly silent schools' immunisation team

(For original letter, please see here)

Dear Locala,

We wrote to you a full calendar week ago regarding - as this letter's title indicates - a matter of urgent public health importance. Our original message is reproduced below this one.

To our grave disappointment and dismay, you have failed to even acknowledge receipt of our correspondence, much less address our critical concerns.

To reiterate, as you are the entity responsible for administering vaccines to all school-aged children in Kirklees, you have a duty of care to ensure you are delivering these vaccines within the appropriate ethical and legal frameworks as defined by the Montgomery ruling, a ruling which governs the principle of informed consent within medicine.

We as an independent health resource have been and remain deeply concerned that you (and immunisation teams up and down the country) are not meeting your ethical and legal obligations regarding informed consent, so we sent you five key questions to help us ascertain whether or not you are a) adequately informed yourselves, and b) ensuring all relevant information is passed on to families before seeking their consent for vaccination.

That you have not answered our questions (or even acknowledged our correspondence) after a full week leads us to one of two inevitable conclusions:

1. You do not know the answers to our questions - in which case, you yourselves are not sufficiently educated on the subject of vaccination to enable you to fulfil your obligations as per seeking informed consent, meaning you should not be administering any vaccines (and may be breaking the law if you do), or;

2. You do know the answers to our questions, but refuse to put them in writing for fear it would incriminate you by revealing that you are not passing on all pertinent information to families when seeking their consent.

There are no other possible conclusions to draw, which makes our concerns for the health and wellbeing of Kirklees' school-aged children (and others who may be exposed to the "shedding" flu vaccination, such as teachers, parents, and siblings, including those with weakened immune systems) even more acute.

We are deeply concerned - and have expressed our concerns to multiple members of Kirklees Council - that the flu nasal spray may trigger a wave of ill health in children, for the reasons we elucidated upon in our original letter (which, as we informed you at the time, is a public, open letter, shared on our resource and with our several thousand subscribers).

Your complete silence in response to our letter - and our valid, evidence-based concerns - suggests to us that this is not something that concerns you. We can only conclude that this is due to the pressure being placed on you by those who are funnelling immense funds in your direction in order to complete this vaccination programme.

We know that money tends to silence unprincipled people, of which there are sadly many within establishment healthcare (as the unending medical scandals in the press demonstrate), so at this stage, we cannot do any more to raise the alarm than we have already done. We cannot "make" you care about children's health more than you care about money.

However, please be aware that we and our extensive network of independent health contacts will continue to closely monitor you and your activities and - should any wave of illness break out in schools directly following the mass administration of the flu spray, as we have cautioned is likely - we will take the necessary steps to establish whether the flu spray caused this illness, whether this could have been avoided had teams like yours fulfilled your proper ethical and legal obligations, and who should be held directly accountable for such a travesty.

Please note this letter has been sent to all original recipients, as well as several additional recipients who occupy key healthcare roles in Kirklees.

Yours faithfully,

Miriam Finch

Mark Finch


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