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Open letter to Locala's school-aged immunisation team

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Dear Locala,

We are the founders of the independent health resource, Informed Consent Matters, a resource created as a response to the extraordinary events of the last three years. With respective backgrounds in health, social care, journalism, and law, it concerned us deeply that the imperative ethical and legal principle of informed consent in medicine was being so frequently flouted throughout the "Covid pandemic" - in relation to vaccination in particular.

We are writing to you today because our concerns have recently become amplified by the impending mass national application of the flu nasal spray to all school-aged children. We understand that in Kirklees, where we reside, you are responsible for disseminating this spray in schools.

As such, we seek your urgent response to the following key questions relating to the application of informed consent when choosing whether to receive this vaccination:

1. What is the absolute (not relative) risk reduction of the flu spray?

2. How many children has the new reformulated Fluenz Tetra spray been tested on?

3. How long were these children studied for?

4. Was the vaccine tested in clinical trials against an inert saline placebo, or non-inert substances containing biologically active ingredients?

5. What controls have been put in place to mitigate the possibility of the live flu nasal spray prompting antibody dependent enhancement - ADE - in children who may have developed this syndrome from the COVID-19 vaccines that many school-aged children have received?

In relation to point five, evidence shows clearly that COVID-19 vaccines carry the risk of inducing ADE in recipients, and many top experts and vaccine developers have warned of this since 2020. As you know, ADE represents a serious abnormality in immune system function, and renders those who develop this syndrome at risk of a catastrophic overreaction to live viruses, such as the types contained in the flu nasal spray.

It is already official advice not to give the flu nasal spray to the immunocompromised for precisely this reason. Plausibly, some Covid-vaccinated children have become immunocompromised (have developed ADE) from this vaccine, and so should not be receiving any live virus vaccines.

Yet it appears that no controls have been put in place to identify these children, nor does any evidence exist showing that the flu nasal spray is safe for Covid-vaccinated children.

This is not to suggest the evidence suggests the spray is "safe" for non-Covid-vaccinated children, as there are a litany of side effects, some of them severe, that have been associated with this spray for many years, long before the advent of the Covid vaccines.

Rather, it is to suggest the flu spray may be far more dangerous for Covid-vaccinated children than their unvaccinated counterparts, and to ask you what evidence you have to demonstrate otherwise. It is also to remind you of your legal obligation under the Montgomery ruling to inform parents and children of all material risks of a vaccine "to which a reasonable person in the patient's position would attach significance".

Any reasonable person would attach a great deal of significance to the risk of ADE, which could be triggered by a live virus vaccine, so it is incumbent on you to fully inform all families of this, and all other, risks when offering the live flu nasal spray to their children.

This is an issue of extreme local and national importance and we seek your prompt and urgent reply, and comprehensive answers to the five listed questions, before you begin administering this spray in schools.

Please note this is an open letter that has been shared on our resource and sent to all our subscribers.

Yours faithfully,

Miriam Finch

Mark Finch


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