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Informed Consent Matters is now offering our articles and pages in audio format, as well as written.

To listen to our latest article on the current "measles scare", and the controversies surrounding the MMR vaccination, where we explore the real history of measles and whether it is something any parent needs to fear, please click here.

To read the article in written form, where it is also fully referenced, please click here.

Thank you for your support and for helping us to spread the crucial message that informed consent really does matter.


As press-stoked "concerns around measles outbreaks" grow, Informed Consent Matters have updated our page on measles and the MMR, covering the real history of measles, vaccination, and health, and exposing the media and pharmaceutical spin.

Please check out our updated page, and share it with any family and friends whom this information may help when it comes to making a fully informed choice about vaccination and alternative ways to care for health.

As always, if you've not been been warned, you're not informed.

View full Measles and MMR article here.


To help us further spread the word about the vital important of fully informed consent - when making medical choices, and in all other aspects of our lives - Informed Consent Matters is now on Substack, where you can subscribe to our updates.

We will gradually migrate all content from this website onto Substack (although this website will always remain available also), as well as adding opinion pieces from our founders.

Informed Consent Matters is an independent information resource, that focuses on empowering individuals to make the right health choices for then, by publishing impartial and evidence-based facts that are often obscured from mainstream view.

We host an array of information on vaccines, masks, tests, and lockdowns, as well as actively campaigning against dangerous public health policy, such as the mass vaccinating of healthy children with the flu spray.

To get our updates, and to join the community, please subscribe to us on Substack, and help us to reach even more people with the crucial message that informed consent really does matter.

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