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Updated: Aug 20, 2023

In just over two weeks’ time, starting September 1st, the government is launching an unprecedented new assault on the nation’s children - offering the toxic and proven dangerous (potentially fatally so) flu nasal spray to all three million of the nation’s secondary school children. This has never happened before (as healthy teenagers are at effectively no risk from the condition the vaccine claims to prevent), there has been no consultation with parents (most of whom have no idea this is going to go ahead), and the consequences could be very severe - not just for the children, but for all of us, as the tidal wave of illness in schools this flu spray programme is likely to create could be used as "evidence" of a new pandemic. Note that last year's outbreak of Strep A in primary schools was linked to the flu spray We have already been warned by Boris Johnson that, if ever there was “a new variant that affected children”, the UK would lock down again, as well as adopting other Covid-style restrictions - but that they would be imposed much more harshly this time. Other government advisors have already predicted there "will" be another pandemic, and that it's likely to be with us very soon. Please note the ever-increasing propaganda creep in the press preparing us for "Pandemic 2", as mask use is already starting to visibly go up in public places, and "the experts" are starting to push widespread mask-wearing again. It's clear the establishment is preparing us for a return of a Covid-like scenario with Covid-style restrictions, but there is likely to be an enormous difference this time around: last time, Covid was said to mainly affect the elderly. This new "pandemic" will be said to primarily affect children. Therefore, we must be prepared for the fact that, if and when children begin becoming ill in large numbers, courtesy of the toxic nasal flu spray millions of them will be receiving from September (whilst adults aged 50-64 are exempted from flu vaccination), a national mass panic is likely to set in, which will be grievously exacerbated by the media, who will stream constant terrifying footage of desperately ill children into the nation's living rooms. The horror and terror this will provoke will be used to demonise dissenters: to cast anyone who questions the veracity of this new "pandemic" - or consequent restrictions put in place to contain it - as an 'evil monster' who doesn't care about children. We cannot wait until this happens to take action. By the point that signs of illness in children have become widespread, panic and fear levels will be so high that people's reason and rationale will be disabled, meaning they will simply attack anyone who suggests anything other than "complying with the restrictions to protect the children". So we must ACT NOW, in this period of relative normality and calm, where the public consciousness is not disabled by fear, to raise the alarm and bring awareness to the fact that a new pandemic is being planned. We must share the message that any new epidemic of mass illness (especially a variety that appears to disproportionately affect children) won't have occurred naturally or organically - and that it CAN be stopped, if we can alert enough people in time. Please help us raise awareness of this likely future scenario whilst we still have time, by ordering some of our leaflets, bringing these facts to mass public attention. Informed Consent Matters prioritises bridging the gap between so-called "conspiracy theorists", and average people, meaning our leaflet has been carefully written and designed to get "normal" people thinking, and seriously considering the possibility that the next pandemic won’t “just happen” - rather, it is being planned, and children are being targeted. Informed Consent Matters strongly believes that, to have maximal impact, we must get our activism off the echo chambers of social media and into the real world, by alerting friends, neighbours, and colleagues to what is likely on the horizon, and sparking urgent conversations in our own real-life communities. Offline resources that can be handed out in the real world, and that aren't restricted by internet algorithms, censorship, and shadow bans, are perfect for doing this. If you can, please order some leaflets today and hand them out in your local area, especially in areas near schools. We are at war and the nature of that warfare isn't obviously brutal or violent, involving guns and bombs: the war is psychological, and the weapons are vehicles of information. Therefore, the most powerful tool at our disposal is our ability to counter the false, misleading, and potentially deadly misinformation of the enemy, with the real facts, which empower our own troops to be able to effectively fight back. Remember that nobody was "forced" to do anything in Covid - armed soldiers didn't push anything on anyone at gunpoint. Rather, the public at large was manipulated with false information. That shows the phenomenal power information has, and how it can shape people's most profound decisions. This means that, if we can get the right information into enough people's hands in time, we can potentially change the future for us all - and even save lives. So please do order some leaflets today, and let's get these vital conversations started. "Covid" didn't come with much warning. "Plandemic 2" does - so let's use that to our advantage, and get more allies on our side for this next crucial fight for our freedom.


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