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Unknown hazards await with the imminent media push for the new and reformulated Covid booster

As we approach September, when a new and reformulated "booster dose" of the Covid vaccine will be made available, we can expect to see a steady increase in the same kinds of alarmist news stories aggressively promoting vaccination that became so commonplace last year.

This has already begun, with The Daily Mail sensationally reporting today that: "More than a THIRD of over-50s still haven't had last year's booster jab... as health chiefs gear up for next month's roll-out of top-up jabs", whilst The Guardian is using that time-honoured sales technique of boosting demand: alleging scarcity, "Booster programme to start on 5 September as reports say NHS may not have enough stock of new jab," warns The Guardian.

As we have come to expect from the mainstream press, very little information is being given in the way of full and objective facts regarding this vaccine - what's in it, what the safety data says, what the risks are - with far more focus put upon alarmist numbers regarding "positive cases", and general attempts to whip up anxiety about winter illness - which, the press suggests, can only be countered by yet more vaccination. This new booster will be the fourth, fifth, or even sixth dose for some.

This uncritical insistence on endless vaccination persists, despite the fact that an explosive new report prepared by the World Council for Health (WCH) has confirmed that data on adverse drug reactions from the Covid-19 vaccines exist in an amount sufficient for the recall of similar products in the past.

The WCH drew this conclusion through collating data from the WHO's VigiAccess, the CDC's VAERS, EudraVigilance, and UK Yellow Card Scheme, in order to determine whether the COVID-19 vaccines are safe. On June 11, 2022, the WCH announced its results. The WCH found that the databases revealed more than 40,000 deaths linked to the COVID-19 vaccines and called for an immediate recall of those vaccines.

This is an outcome that many eminent vaccine authorities warned of two years ago, whilst the vaccines were still in development. Top scientist and vaccinologist, Dr. Peter Hotez, expressed deep reservations about the extraordinary "fast-tracking" of the first generation of Covid vaccines - and that this would almost certainly lead to undesirable outcomes.

Despite this caution - and despite the fact the data is now in to confirm these concerns as correct - few clinicians are being given a platform to warn of the risks of the even more accelerated nature of the reformulated booster, risks dramatically magnified by the fact that regulators have not required clinical trial data before authorising the booster for use.

It is clear, therefore, that a potentially very dangerous experiment is going to be underway this autumn, with the danger exponentially increased by the fact the Covid booster will be administered at the same time as the 'flu vaccine. There is no data at all to determine that this is safe.

Will patients be advised of these issues in advance, to ensure their consent is fully informed, and therefore legally and ethically valid? Extrapolating from the egregious flouting of informed consent criteria all throughout the Covid pandemic, this seems extremely unlikely.

That is why it is vital that we who value the principles of informed consent and ethical medicine continue to counter incomplete and inadequate information from the government and its proxies, with balanced and comprehensive, credible information of our own.

Informed Consent Matters has developed a short, clear informational primer on the Covid booster, carefully designed and written to be non-alarmist in tone, and to simply give people the facts the media - and, sadly, the medical profession, too - so often obscure.

We believe we have a vital window of opportunity currently, as many more people are sceptical and asking questions than was the case in March 2020.

So, before the booster programme commences on September 5th, and we see a concomitant huge rise in pharmaceutical sales propaganda masquerading as news, please consider distributing some of our leaflets around your local area.

Our mission at Informed Consent Matters is to equip people with independent information and facts, to ensure any medical choice they make is made knowledgeably, confidently, and freely.

Thank you for your support and for promoting the critical legal, medical, and ethical importance of fully informed, voluntary and free, informed consent.


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