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Template letter for schools re: vaccination

Please find below a template letter to send to your children's schools should you not wish them to receive vaccinations on school premises without your permission.

Dear [name of headteacher],

I am writing to you regarding my child, [name], who is currently a student in year [number].

I am aware that it is common practice for certain vaccinations to be administered on school premises during the school year.

I am writing to you today to clarify that I do not consent to [name of child] receiving any vaccinations on school premises. Schools are not clinical environments and I do not feel they are the correct place for any medical procedures to take place.  Any medical procedure that my child requires will be arranged by me to take place in the appropriate clinical environment. 

Whether or not I choose for my child to receive certain vaccinations is a private medical matter between my child, his/her parents, and our chosen healthcare professionals. We are not obliged to disclose any such details to the school.

I am further aware that [name of child] may be considered to be of an age where they are 'Gillick competent', and therefore, in theory, the school could vaccinate my child without my knowledge or consent, and claim that my child had 'consented' and that this consent is legally valid under the Gillick competency ruling.

As such, I include a signed statement from my child clarifying their position on this issue, please see below.

If [name of child] is vaccinated on school premises at any time or for any reason without my express permission, then this will have been done under coercion or duress and would therefore be illegal, at which point I would take the appropriate legal action. 

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Yours sincerely,



I, [name], do not consent to receiving any vaccinations on school premises, or in any environment where my parents are not present. If any vaccination is administered to me at school, without my parents' permission, this will have been given under duress, and will therefore be illegal.

Signed: _____________ Date____________


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