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Pandemic 2?

After the unprecedented situation that was "COVID-19", and all the attendant harms, difficulties, and losses caused by the Government's catastrophic response to this alleged virus, it seemed, finally, that lessons had been learned and life was returning to pre-pandemic normality.

The aftermath of "Covid", and real-world data (rather than computer modelling, on which the pandemic response was initially based) showed irrefutably that measures such as lockdowns, face masks, and mass testing did nothing to improve the nation's health, and a lot to severely undermine it.

Meanwhile, vaccine injuries in those who received the rushed, experimental "Covid vaccine" are widespread, with excess deaths linked to various pandemic measures continuing to increase.

As a result of all this catastrophe and loss, surely, if there was one good thing to come out of "Covid", it was this: the realisation that such extraordinary measures as national "lockdowns", and other draconian restrictions, could never again be repeated in an alleged bid to contain or prevent illness.

This being the case, we must ask the urgent question.

Why is the UK Government and its advisors now warning us that there "will" be another pandemic, which they will respond to with more lockdowns and restrictions - with which the British public "will" comply?

How are they so confidently able to predict the future in this way?

How could they seem to know what is going to happen well in advance?

Could it be because there are currently plans underway to manufacture such a pandemic?

To some, this may sound like a "conspiracy theory", but there are clear, evidence-based reasons to believe that Governments can have a hand in orchestrating mass illness in populations, for reasons of increasing their own political power and control. It has long since been known the best way to control a population (as all Governments are invested in doing) is through fear.

And the one thing that frightens most people most of all is something that threatens children.

Please note that, this September (2023), for the first time ever, the UK Government is offering the flu vaccine nasal spray to all secondary school pupils in England, a cohort of more than three million children. The flu vaccine has never been mass administered to this group before, as they are at such a miniscule risk from the flu.

Informed Consent Matters approached a veteran GP for his comments on this situation, a medical professional who is not anti-vaccine. The doctor, who has more than 40 years’ experience, said:

"This is ridiculous, a complete waste of money, this group does not need it at all."

So, we must question: why would the UK Government spend such a colossal amount of money vaccinating a huge group of people that are essentially at no risk from the condition the vaccine claims to prevent?

The "official" explanation is that schoolchildren are being vaccinated in order to protect more vulnerable groups, and in turn, the NHS.

Yet if the vaccine works, surely it is enough to vaccinate the vulnerable themselves, rather than expecting healthy children to take risky invasive medical products in a theoretical bid to act as "human shields".

If, however, the vaccine doesn't work to protect vulnerable groups, then clearly, there is no point in giving it to anyone.

In either case, administering this risky drug to millions of healthy children for the theoretical benefit it might provide to others is not acceptable from an ethical perspective and something no legitimate medical professional would ever recommend. Medicines should only ever be administered when they have a clear benefit to the person receiving them, and the benefit has been shown to outweigh the risk. To give a risky drug to a healthy individual in the hope it might offer some protection to another, does not meet medicine's own guidelines of informed consent, as per the Montgomery ruling.

So why is this unnecessary, unethical initiative being carried out - to repeat, at huge cost?

The Government never spends large amounts of money on something unless there is an obvious benefit to them.

The Government wishes to increase their power and control (as all governments do) and they learned throughout "Covid" just how much power they could have through creating fear of a "virus".

So, it appears they are going to try this again - but increasing the fear factor (and therefore their own potential power and control) by this time targeting the threat at children.

The flu nasal spray, which is only given to under-18s, contains many known toxins (including neurotoxic monosodium glutamate, genetically modified organisms, and monkey kidney cells) - and could well contain unknown ones, too, since it is well documented that vaccines can contain undisclosed ingredients. Obviously, spraying toxic ingredients - known and unknown - into children's noses has the capacity to make them ill.

Additionally, as an aerosol spray rather than an injection, the flu nasal spray has the potential to disseminate its toxic particles to others who have not directly received it. This may account for why the flu nasal spray is known to "shed", e.g., create illness even in those who have not received it.

The ability of the flu nasal spray to shed also means that the principle of informed consent is rendered obsolete in schools, because - even for families who have opted out of the vaccination - their children may still be adversely affected by it through inhaling it from "shedding" classmates.

Therefore, Informed Consent Matters vigorously opposes the mass administering of the flu nasal spray in schools.

We do not believe that any child needs this spray, but for families who wish their child to receive it, the correct environment is a secure clinical setting where the risk of "shedding" to others can be minimised: not a school, which is not a medical environment and should therefore not be mass applying risky medical products - including and especially when these products are completely unnecessary for the group they are being administered to.

We at Informed Consent Matters believe there is a deeply nefarious purpose behind this new campaign, and we are willing to risk being labelled "conspiracy theorists" for saying so.

If the Covid chapter taught us anything, it's that a lot of so-called "conspiracy theories" turn out to be true.

We believe that a new pandemic is being created and spread through the mass application of the flu nasal spray in schools, and that the illness this spray creates will be blamed by government ministers on a "novel virus". Governments will then respond by attempting to reintroduce such ruinous measures as lockdowns, as well as mask and test mandates.

However, as they confirmed in the recent 'Covid inquiry', this time the measures will be much harsher than in the Covid chapter.

Former health secretary, Matt Hancock, said at the Covid inquiry that the UK must be prepared to impose lockdowns which are “wider, earlier” and “more stringent than feels comfortable” to combat a future "pandemic".

What Can We Do?

We strongly believe the most powerful action is real-world action in your local community, so please consider getting active by:

*Finding out what meetings and events are going on in your local area, and arranging real-life meet-ups

*Sending our template letter regarding the flu vaccine to your local schools

*Handing out our specially designed leaflets to raise awareness that a new "plandemic" is on the way

Remember, we are the many and they are the few, and together, we have the power to expose what they are doing, resist, and fight back.

Please join us today by signing up to our mailing list at the bottom of the home page to keep updated on our campaigning.

All of our online resources here at Informed Consent Matters are made available for free, but running and maintaining this resource is not free, so please consider supporting our work via donation or through a purchase from our awareness-raising shop.

Thank you for joining us in this crucial fight.


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