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Letter to Local Council Regarding Dangerous Public Health Misinformation

Dear Kirklees Council,

As a tax-paying resident of Huddersfield, I have corresponded with you many times throughout the last three years, regarding the illiberal tyranny and pseudo-scientific technocratic bullying imposed on the people of Kirklees in the name of an alleged 'pandemic'.

Although the pandemic did not see global death tolls raise significantly, and although the average age of a death attributed to the pandemic was 82 - the same age as the average age of death generally - local councils and national governments nevertheless saw fit to impose a level of ruthless oppressive brutality on its people that is completely historically unprecedented in democratic countries.

I first expressed my grave concerns over this situation to you in July 2020, when you sent me an unsolicited, inaccurate, and highly inflammatory piece of literature, attempting to coercively control my behaviour with false claims and threats. Your response to my letter was wholly inadequate, failing to reasonably address any of my concerns or provide the information I requested - but at least it was a response.

Since then, I have expressed a number of very grave and urgent concerns to you - including objecting to your use of public funds to bribe teenagers on Instagram to promote experimental drugs - which have been completely ignored. To ignore the concerns I raised regarding your deeply unethical and unscrupulous use of public money to manipulate teenagers into promoting lucrative and risky pharmaceutical products, is a gross dereliction of duty, which emerging data reveals, may well have had lethal consequences.

I am sure it has not escaped your attention that an ever-increasing number of highly qualified medical and scientific professionals are publicly blowing the whistle regarding the harms of the Covid-19 injections, including eminent cardiologist, Dr. Aseem Malhotra, who has stated on BBC News that the Covid injections are playing a significant role in the sudden spike of unexpected cardiac deaths.

Dr. Malhotra is supported in his assertions by many top professionals, including doctors and scientists all over the world, who are in ever-growing numbers calling for the complete suspension of the Covid-19 vaccination programme.

I can assure you that such a suspension is imminent and that the harms these injections do are all too tragically real.

As I wrote to you in my letter of March 2022,

"A very large array of serious and debilitating side effects are associated with these vaccines, including heart attacks, cardiac arrests, strokes, brain haemorrhages, and death. Manufacturers of one of the vaccines most widely in use, Pfizer, has recently released internal data revealing such side effects, effects that the pharmaceutical giant had intended to conceal from the public for 75 years, but Pfizer was overruled by a judge who insisted the data was published now.

The veracity of this data is, tragically, reflected in all our families and local communities, as we all know at least one person (and often many more than that), to have “died suddenly” in recent months, from heart or clotting disorders, that they had no previous history of. This phenomenon is overwhelmingly occurring in the double and triple “jabbed” populations, and not in their unvaccinated counterparts."

At that time, I wrote that I was willing to give you "the benefit of the doubt" - that you may not have been aware of vaccine harms, given that the mainstream media went to such lengths to suppress them.

However, that none of the multiple recipients of my letter warning of these harms (all of whom are also recipients of this letter, plus some additional recipients), has so much as acknowledged it, necessarily means you have since forfeited any claims to plausible deniability. It is now clear you knew of the potential harms of the vaccine, but continued to promote it anyway (including bribing young and inexperienced non-healthcare professionals to promote it), without ensuring your promotional campaigns also informed people of the risks - a vital legal and moral imperative in medicine, as per the Montgomery ruling, and as I informed you in my previous letter.

By your behaviour, you have revealed that you work not for the best interests of the people of Kirklees who pay your wages, but for the tyrannical state and its operatives, simply obeying diktats from central government, regardless of the price your constituents must pay for your betrayal - and some, as the evidence clearly suggests, may have paid the ultimate price.

Of course, now that I understand the true character and motivations of Kirklees Council, I do not expect you to have the fortitude or integrity to respond to this letter. I am writing not to elicit a response from you (although I would very much welcome one), but to draw attention to your egregious derelictions of duty, putting so many vulnerable people, whose best interests you are paid to protect, at risk.

I have a considerable online following of at least 15,000 people across various platforms (I currently run three websites, two of which are explicitly concerned with vaccine harms and informed consent), and I intend to share this letter with all of them. I also encourage them to contact their own local representatives, if said representatives have displayed similar levels of gravely reckless behaviour and corruption, to that demonstrated by Kirklees Council.

To be clear: your remit is to work for us, the people who pay taxes to you, in order to have our interests and rights protected (the only legitimate job of government, local and national, being to protect our rights). You are not paid to represent the interests of Westminster or Pfizer: you are paid to represent the residents of Kirklees. However, you reveal yourselves, and the true contempt in which you hold those you ostensibly represent - and whose interests you really serve - by refusing to engage with the reasonable concerns raised by your constituents - and I know many thousands of concerned citizens across the country have raised these concerns with their local councillors and MPs, only to be dismissed, ignored, or belittled as "conspiracy theorists".

I will conclude that if your response (or lack of it) falls into any of the afore-cited categories, that you have no legitimate rebuttal, because everything I have said in this letter is all too indicting in its accuracy.

Yours faithfully,

Miriam Finch

Founder, Informed Consent Matters


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