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Here, we will host a variety of first-person accounts from real people, regarding how the COVID mandates and restrictions have affected them.

If you have a story to tell, please email us at Confidentiality guaranteed.

Please note that, where stories are accredited to a first name only, a pseudonym has often been used at the author's request. Where a full name has been used, this is the author's real full name. This reflects the stark reality that people have been subject to such tactics of fear and intimidation over these past two years, that they now feel deeply inhibited from revealing their identities when exposing injustice (and even illegality).

That people feel so oppressed and unable to speak out, without fear of serious recriminations, is a stark indictment of what is supposedly a liberal democracy and free society. We hope by sharing these accounts we can begin to redress the balance, and empower people with the confidence they need to speak out - and bring the climate of silence and fear to an end. 

The restrictions and mandates related to COVID-19 have had profound and far-reaching effects on our lives. Many of these measures lack sufficient evidence to support their efficacy, and many have been applied unethically, coercively, and even illegally.

By Andrea

Young Man

So I did. The lady read from a script that had nothing of any use to say. She admitted she was having difficulties making informed choices for her children too. Maybe the best thing would be to phone AZ directly. 

So I found their number and spoke to a lady who couldn't tell me anything. She'd take my number and call me back the following day when she'd have had time to speak to someone about my concerns.

I was utterly furious by this stage. Three out of three calls and NO information to help me with my son. 

To give her her due, she did call the next day. She said they had no data to be able to advise anyone what to do and that I should make the best choice myself for my son.

Pensive Coffee Time

My elder son was old enough to make his own decision about taking the Covid jab. I sat him down and gave him the information I had managed to glean from various sources and warned him if the side effects I knew of. This was early on in the roll out to 'vulnerable' young people (my son has well controlled asthma).

He feared he wouldn't be allowed to attend university, so felt he had to have it. And being at the age where mum isn't really listened to, he went ahead with his first AZ jab.

He wasn't hugely well after it but insisted he was OK and he'd have his second when he was called. 

In the interim time, it was found that young people had suffered with myocarditis from the AZ jab.

Naturally, I was extremely concerned as his second jab was due.

I phoned our GP practice and asked for advice on whether he should receive the next jab. Could only speak to a receptionist and she said they had no information, I should phone the vaccine helpline.

Medical Information

Says it all, really. I was devastated as I knew my son was adamant to have it (he thought I was a conspiracy theorist because I asked questions) and he went ahead.

Within 12 hours his testicles had swollen and were very painful. He kept it from me until he couldn't hide the pain. We made an appointment to see his GP. The same doctor who had given him his jab the week before saw him and made no connection to the jab. Because he is an adult (a teenage one), I had no say in what happened. And also no one was allowed into his appointment with him to ask the pertinent questions. I was unable to do or say anything. Of course no yellow card was filled in by the GP so I did it myself.

My son hasn't felt well since and has had covid. He has had a Moderna booster. I feel I can't even have the conversation with him as even with the drip feed of information coming out now, he will never admit that maybe I might have been right to be sceptical.

I just hope that when he wants a family it will be possible for him. I'm broken hearted about the whole thing.

By Juliette

My mother died on May 7th, 2020. From her cancer diagnosis until her death took one month. She was diagnosed after a scan for which she had to be admitted to hospital and visiting was not allowed. We took her home after three days due to her distress and terminal diagnosis.

Due to the fear instilled into people (and the cowardice of her brother and friends) she was unable to see them before she died. This broke her heart.

When she died, the undertaker zipped her into a body bag, the covid rules, he said. That’s how my mother left her home, in a f***ing black bag.

The funeral was me and my four adult children stood outside a crematorium and then later, stood in a graveyard interring her ashes.

My mother was a warrior and I know she wouldn’t have had the injection or worn a face mask.

I am grateful that she didn’t live through the tyranny.

Doctor's Clinic

By Mark

My uncle, Harry*, my mum's only sibling, has a significant learning disability, and has never learned to read or write. In his seventies now, for most of his adult life, he managed to live quite independently, after marrying his childhood sweetheart as a young man. However, when she died suddenly twenty years ago, we realised just how much she'd been doing for him, and that she'd effectively been his carer.

After his wife died, me and my family rallied around Harry (he and his wife didn't have children) to help support him to retain the independence he so highly valued. He's a proud man and doesn't like to admit to his struggles, especially with reading and writing, so will often say things like "sorry, I haven't got my glasses, can you read it to me?" to disguise the face he can't read - although it's clearly on all his formal records that he can't.

Vaccine Production Line

Two weeks later, he suffered a massive heart attack.

He had never suffered any previous heart problems.

He was on holiday with a friend at the time, who was fortunately able to immediately rush him to hospital, where he received life-saving treatment and stayed for some time. However, because he was at the other end of the country, my mum - his closest relative - who suffers with mobility problems, was unable to visit him, leaving him confused and disoriented. 

Drug and Syringe

Harry is the epitome of a vulnerable adult, and, therefore, particular safeguards should be taken around him when he's making medical choices. When Harry was called for a Covid vaccine, he attended his doctors' surgery - where his learning disability and illiteracy are on his records - and was handed a "fact sheet" about the risks and benefits of the injection.

Obviously, for someone who can't read, this is useless. 

The staff made no attempt to accommodate him or ensure his consent was actually informed and valid, simply assuring him the injection was "safe and effective".

The same thing happened when Harry returned to the surgery for his second dose.

Untitled design (52).png

Eventually, Harry was released and came home, where he now struggles to be as active as he previously was. We'll never know for sure what caused his heart attack, but the timing with the Covid vaccine - given that it is known to cause heart disorders - seems very "coincidental" - and whether the injection was involved in his subsequent heart attack or not, the fact remains that proper safeguards were not put in place to protect my uncle, a known vulnerable adult, and his consent was most definitely not informed, and, therefore, not legally or ethically valid.

It's reprehensible that the medical profession routinely flouts its own guidelines on informed consent and exploits - and potentially irreparably harms - vulnerable adults like my uncle. Those that engage in this behaviour should be both exposed and held to account.  

*Name changed to protect privacy

Medical form with stethoscope

By Daniel

I work as a paramedic. 

I was called to a young female who kept passing out immediately after receiving her 'covid vaccine'.

She was illiterate, pregnant and in my view a vulnerable adult.

She was given an information leaflet before receiving the injection but she could not read. The staff at the pharmacy failed to verbally inform her of the risks. She took the injection and immediately passed out upon standing up. This can of course be a normal reaction to any injection but it continued to happen long after the normal recovery period for such an event and an ambulance was called.

I asked the pharmacist (much more qualified than I am) if he would be completing a Yellow Card form. He replied, "do you think it was the vaccine?", I said "do you think she would be passing out now if she hadn't had the vaccine?", he said "well, I suppose I should fill one in".

Thank you for your work. 

By Ellie

When I was 12, my school offered the HPV vaccine to all the girls in my year. They sent me home with a consent form for my parents, who already had concerns about this vaccine, and returned it saying they didn't want me to have it. I understood why my parents were worried, and I didn't want to have it, either. 

On the day my school gave the injection, I was the only girl not having it, and the nurses summoned me into a small room to quiz me about this.

They were extremely condescending and told me that my parents were stupid not to let me have it, and that I would get cancer if I didn't.

I was really scared and close to tears.


"You can have it and not tell your parents," the nurses said.

So I did.

I never told my parents what had happened.

Not long afterwards - having had no previous health problems - I started to get really bad stomach pains and my periods became erratic. I went back and forth to the doctors and eventually I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease and polycystic ovaries. The doctor told me I'd probably struggle to have children.

My parents (who are separated) couldn't understand where these problems had come from. A few years later, my dad's new partner asked him if I'd ever had the HPV vaccine, as these are known side-effects. He insisted that I had not - that he and my mum had said no. His partner told him schools can and do give the injection without parental consent so to ask me again. He did and I admitted I'd had it. 

I've been on a strict gluten-free diet since and have taken various supplements, so my health problems are mostly under control. But there's no doubt in my mind the HPV vaccine, and those who bullied me into taking it as a child, are totally responsible for these issues.

Girl Gazing_edited.jpg

By Jane

I found out my sister died on 14/7/2022 and was automatically concerned that she may have had any of the Covid Vaccines, as we had lost contact for some years.  My mother suffered severe strokes in May 2012 and refused to have any of the Covid vaccines, as she’s ok with just the 'flu Jabs and is relatively fine, under the circumstances. I have also refused the Covid vaccines. With my mother having had the strokes, I listened to my gut instincts.

I initially spoke to the Coroner’s Office, who indicated that my sister was due to have a dressing removed as she was diagnosed with skin cancer in May 2022. When she didn’t arrive at the hospital, they contacted the police. When they arrived at her house, they discovered she had collapsed and died there. My sister’s death was down to a blood clot on the lung.

Vaccine Production Line

I discovered my sister had the following Covid vaccines:

1st Covid Vax - A/Z 1st April 2021

2nd Covid Vax  - A/Z 3rd June 2021

3rd Covid Vax - Pfizer 1st Dec 2021

I mentioned that the blood clot to the lung may have resulted from the Covid vaccines. The GP stated that any blood clots would be on the brain if from the Covid vaccines. 

I talked to my sister’s neighbour and she said my sister said the skin cancer ‘came back’, but it was only diagnosed in May 2022, which was puzzling. The GP’s response was that my sister was treated by a plastic surgeon for the operation to remove a piece of skin on her head. 

Doctor and Patient

I asked the Coroner’s Office if there were any adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines involved in my sister's death. The response was that there wasn’t any indication. I asked for an inquest, which was refused; I was advised to seek legal advice and to appeal within 3 months from the date of death.

I have had to put my sister’s death registration on hold as the death certificate may have the wrong cause of death; as indications were that it was due to ‘natural causes’. 

I have also had to put any funeral arrangements on hold.

I had an appointment to speak with my sister’s GP about my concerns, who had the practice manager in with us.  The meeting was far from constructive, as the GP was very defensive and evasive.  He ended up declaring that, as I was not down as next-of-kin - even though I produced my ID showing that my surname is the same as my sister’s maiden-name, as it’s our family name - they blocked me voicing my concerns. I had to conclude by asking if my sister had any of the Covid vaccines. The GP straight away stated that he didn’t administer any. I emphasised that it’s not who did, but if any were given: which ones and what dates.

Preventive services

I mentioned about the hospital having contacted the police as my sister didn’t arrive for her appointment to have her dressing removed. The response was that with any appointment missed there are concerns for the patient. 

Yet when I spoke to a friend, she stated that it’s not usual for the police to be contacted through missed appointments unless there were underlying health issues – my thinking then is whether they knew my sister had the Covid vaccines and were concerned as to if/how they affected her.

So many things don’t add up. The way professionals have dealt with everything is beyond any NHS standards, especially when someone has died through circumstances needing a post-mortem.


If you have a story to tell, please email us at Confidentiality guaranteed.

If you've not been warned, you're not informed!

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