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Why I won't have a Covid booster

"In the news recently, we’ve heard from multiple Britons who’ve lost family members or sacrificed their own health to Covid’s not-really-vaccines. But anecdotes lack statistical heft. Sceptical viewers might too easily dismiss individual stories of the harms caused by the biggest inoculation rollout in history as freakish aberrations, mere coincidence (could relatives who happened to have been recently vaccinated really have died from something else?) or put it down to the cost of doing business at scale.

An official UK government report recently said that more than 2,200 Britons may have been killed by vaccine-induced injuries, but there’s plenty more hard evidence in governmentally collected databases that these fatalities are the tip of an iceberg’s worth of serious side-effects from Covid jabs. We don’t have space to do the subject justice here, either. But broadly, the frequency of dire side-effects from these vaccines, whose approval was rushed through on an emergency basis, are many times higher than those of traditional tried-and-tested vaccines (polio, MMR). Owing to troublesome, ad hoc reporting, the official stats may show just a fraction of the real numbers of Covid vaccine casualties.

I’m triple vaccinated – a status entailing three inoculations with an experimental medicine across only nine months; extrapolated, that’s four jabs per year. Many a well-adjusted, sensible member of the public (a description that may not capture me) must have made this same resolution: I do not want a second booster. Much less do I want a tenth booster or a 37th booster. As a grown-up, I’d also like to be given credit for being capable of doing my own research and weighing the odds on my own behalf. That means I don’t wish to be blackmailed, again, by being told that if I don’t let the state inject into my bloodstream whatever concoction Big Pharma has cooked up this week, I won’t be allowed to board a flight, cross international borders or eat in a restaurant."


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