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What can we expect as we enter 2024?

A very Happy New Year to you from Informed Consent Matters, and we hope you've enjoyed a relaxing festive season, undisrupted by the waves of illness that seem to have plagued many households.

The Telegraph newspaper reported that, this year, "everyone" would be getting "Covid for Christmas", and sadly, an increased illness burden was something that was all too predictable this winter - and something that Informed Consent Matters did predict.

This is not because we possess any particular prophetic abilities, but rather, because the inevitable consequence of the mass poisoning of a population is mass illness.

For the past two years, Informed Consent Matters has been warning of the cumulative health risks of the Covid vaccines, and other seasonal injections, such as the flu vaccine.

We cautioned back in July that the planned extension of the children's flu nasal spray programme, to include three million additional children, would inevitably lead to more illness amongst children and their families, whilst the progressive risks of repeat Covid vaccines are well documented.

The Covid and flu vaccination programmes ran simultaneously throughout the last quarter of 2023 (with many receiving these injections at the same time, despite the known increased risks associated with joint administration), and officially concluded on December 15th. That means it was predictable that poor health would peak around Christmas time, and in the subsequent weeks, as the injections took full effect.

Please note the latest Covid booster has not been tested on any human beings at all. Therefore, there is no known data on what the short, medium, or long-term effects on health might be. 

Whilst the "official" explanation for the current increased burden of illness in the population points to a "new Covid variant", there is no evidence to support this claim, given that a) testing methods for Covid are ineffective and unreliable, and b) those who are completely unvaccinated are reporting far less illness, and less severe illness, than those who have received repeat vaccinations (simply speak to your unvaccinated versus vaccinated family and friends to confirm this). 

It is our contention at Informed Consent Matters that this "new variant" (e.g., the poor health being experienced by the many-times vaccinated) is in fact a planned and orchestrated attack on the population, devised by high-level social engineers, who wish to increase their dominance and control over the population.

Sounds far-fetched?

It is well-documented throughout history that governments use fear to control populations, and that they are certainly not above intentionally inducing illness in order to maximise fear - see the British government's extensive history of using biological and chemical warfare.

Whilst evidence clearly shows there was no rise in serious illness in 2020 (rather, respiratory illnesses that would in any other year have been labelled flu or pneumonia, were instead labelled "Covid"), this year, there is a demonstrable increase in serious illness, hospitalisations and deaths, which evidence appears to clearly suggest, has been intentionally created and induced via injection. 

The severity of this situation is being exacerbated further by the planned junior doctors' strike - the largest in NHS history - which is set to commence tomorrow, January 3rd, and to last for six days. Inevitably, this strike action - involving around half of all working doctors - means that an already overburdened and struggling NHS will hit crisis point, with the strike conveniently timed to conclude just as parliament returns to session the week commencing January 8th. 

We can therefore expect one of the first orders of business ministers address to be "the new health crisis" - and what action they will take to contain it. 

Given the recent "Covid enquiry" concluded that the UK's pandemic response in 2020 was insufficient as it was too slow and too lax, our concern at Informed Consent Matters is that 2020 and 2021 were merely "test runs" for something much more severe. We fear that the world's governments will attempt to plunge us into even more draconian lockdowns and authoritarian mandates this year, in a bid to further curtail our freedoms and increase their own power - all under the guise of supposedly "protecting our health".

Yet it is not the job of governments to "protect our health". It is their job to protect our rights - so that we are able to freely choose what measures we take to protect our health, as well as exercising similar autonomy in all other aspects of our lives. 

As such - and just as we did throughout "pandemic 1" - Informed Consent Matters will vigorously oppose any suggestion of lockdowns or other state-imposed restrictions, by challenging unlawful and immoral mandates; holding corrupt authority to account; and ensuring you have the resources and information you need to continue to make the right life choices for you - knowledgeably, confidently, and freely.

Please take a few minutes to explore our website, and share our resources with your family and friends (including our guide to detoxing from Covid vaccines), to help us spread the word that, when it comes to all important life choices, informed consent really does matter.

Thanks for reading. Informed Consent Matters is a completely independent health resource with no corporate or pharmaceutical funding, meaning your support is what powers this resource to keep going.

If you would like to support our work, please consider making a secure donation via Buy Me A Coffee or By direct bank transfer.

Thank you for your invaluable support in spreading the vital message that informed consent really does matter.


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