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Welcome to Informed Consent Matters

We've had quite a few new subscribers these last couple of weeks, so we wanted to put out a note to welcome you all to our resource, and to thank subscribers old and new for your support. Informed Consent Matters - a completely independent health resource, with no pharmaceutical or corporate funders - exists to circulate and make widely available critical public health information that is often obscured from public view. We do this in order to make sure you have a fully informed choice when it comes to health interventions such as vaccines, masks, and tests. As well as making information available on our resource, we are also an active campaigning platform and contact health authorities and policy makers directly to share information, ask them questions, and hold them to account. This month, we have been in touch with our local council, schools nationwide, and school-aged immunisation teams, cautioning them of the imperative legal and moral importance of fully informed consent regarding the nasal flu spray, that the government intends - for the first time ever - to offer to all school-aged children. This spray is inadequately tested and its safety profile is very poor, and we have notified the council, schools, and immunisation teams of their obligation to disclose these facts to families when seeking their consent for vaccination. We have also been disseminating awareness-raising leaflets regarding the possibility of a future manufactured "pandemic", which may be a consequence of the mass administration of the nasal flu spray (which is known to create and spread illness), as well as distributing other information sheets to help put people fully in the driving seat where it comes to their health. We very much hope you find our resources informative, useful, and accessible, and that they help you both in your own health journey, and in raising awareness amongst family and friends. We endeavour to provide the most up-to-date and highest quality information available for you and your family, and - as a completely independent health resource with no corporate or pharmaceutical backers - it is your support that powers this resource to keep going. If you would like to support our work, and help us grow our platform and reach more people, please consider: Making a purchase from our awareness-raising shop or; Making a secure donation via Buy Me A Coffee or by direct bank transfer, Thank you for your invaluable support in spreading the vital message that informed consent really does matter.


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