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Vaccine Information Booklet Now Available!

I'm very pleased to announce the availability of first “mini book” - following the huge popularity of a recent vaccine article I did (thank you again to all for your kind words and encouragement), Mark and I took the initiative to make it into a stand-alone booklet, fully illustrated and ideal for sparking conversation and furthering debate with those who - while they may be sceptical of Covid injections - are still fairly “mainstream” about everything else.

The booklet runs to 40 A5 pages, all in colour and illustrated in order to break up the text into “digestible” portions (no overwhelming “text walls” that tend to immediately put relative newcomers off).

Please check out the booklet sample at the Informed Consent Matters shop (and please note, the featured pages at the shop are just a sample - the full booklet is much longer and the full text can be found here), and, if you like what you see, please order a copy or two to help further inform family and friends on what really is “reasonable” where it comes to injections (needless to say, it’s not what most think…).

Thank you to all who pre-ordered to enable us to facilitate an initial print-run - your orders are now on the way! - and especially big thanks to L and D for your invaluable help and support. This booklet wouldn’t exist without you!

Link to purchase booklet below , followed by images of the front and back covers. We hope you like it...


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