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Schools Threaten to Reintroduce Masks in Response to Strep A Outbreak

Despite recently conceding mask-wearing was purely motivated by political manoeuvring to appease the ever-more-militant unions, and had nothing at all to do with the health and wellbeing of children, schools are now threatening to reintroduce masks in light of an outbreak of the usually mild infection, Strep A. Although the illness continues to cause mild, cold-like symptoms in the vast majority of children who contract it, some experts nevertheless insist pandemic-era restrictions, such as mask-wearing, should return. Dr Stephen Griffin, an infectious disease expert at the University of Leeds, said face masks would have a 'tremendous impact at decreasing transmission'. Already, some schools, such as Costessey Primary School in Norwich, are making face masks available for staff and students, whilst the school is taking further measures to contain the spread, such as reintroducing "bubbles" and cancelling the school nativity play. This pandemic of fear-mongering and misinformation must be robustly brought to an end with evidence and facts, before children - who have already sacrificed so much - are forced to lose yet more of their childhoods to pseudoscience, quackery, and politics. After nearly three years of pandemic-style restrictions, including extensive masking in schools, we now have the real-world data to determine whether any of these restrictions were effective at reducing hospitalisations or deaths, or generally improving the nation's health. The answer is a resounding NO - not only did widespread mask-wearing fail to reduce serious diseases rates, but a comprehensive peer-reviewed study, involving multiple countries and over 600 million people, determined that countries with high mask usage actually fared worse. Masks are nothing but symbolic theatre props to suggest there is an emergency, e.g., they are part of a coordinated attempt to increase fear, and therefore compliance, amongst the populace. They have no positive effect on health at all, but do come with a wide and potentially severe array of risks, especially for growing children. Please consider ordering some of our leaflets on masks, and delivering them to your local schools and around your community, to ensure people are furnished with facts - not fear - and are able to make sensible, rational, and fully informed choices for themselves and their children. Leaflets can be ordered here: Thank you for your critical assistance in spreading the word about the vital medical, legal and ethical importance of fully informed consent.



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