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Practical activism for the next plandemic

"Many are calling this the "summer of fun." With no muzzles, lockdowns or forced injection mandates, people feel like the crisis is over; it is time to enjoy our freedom and the good weather. However, there are many reasons for caution and intensified activism..." Dr. Mark Trozzi, MD, July 23rd, 2023

Dr. Trozzi echoes our concerns here at Informed Consent Matters, that while - much as occurred in the Covid chapter - the social engineers are taking the summer off, allowing us to enjoy a degree of "normality", once the warmer months are over and parliament is back in session in September, we will be hit with the next manufactured crisis.

Please note the legacy media is already working hard to whip up fear about a potential measles epidemic sweeping the UK and globe, whilst the government is planning - for the first time ever - to offer the potent and transmissible flu nasal spray to every secondary school child in the country (more than three million children), starting September 1st. If you haven’t already, please consider sending our template letter on this subject to your local schools.

Having learned from the "warning signs" last time, and taking into account various ominous cautions from government advisors, it looks very like the establishment is planning another pandemic to start very soon.

Informed Consent Matters wants to raise as much awareness as possible of this potential scenario, to give people time to prepare, and to empower them to question the nature of the next "pandemic" when it hits: is this really just a natural disaster that nobody could have stopped... or has this been meticulously prepared and planned at the highest levels of society, in order to fulfil nefarious goals?

We have designed a simple yet powerful new leaflet (see below), which can be handed out in your local community to start spreading awareness and help prompt conversations.

We think it's vitally important to get our activism off the internet and into the real world, to help develop local networks and in-person connections, and we have found leafleting to be a really effective way of doing that.

It's not just about converting "normies", but connecting like-minds - with around 15% of the population now "awake", there's likely to be at least one fellow awake person on your own street and many hundreds more in your local community - yet it's not easy to know who they are. Handing out leaflets and getting a positive response lets you know!

So please consider ordering some leaflets today, and together, we can spread awareness, start conversations, and unite communities - in preparation for whatever might be coming next.

Thanks for reading, and for your support in spreading the crucial message that in all aspects of our lives, and not least when it comes to our health, informed consent really does matter.


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