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NEW full-colour vaccine information booklet, coming soon!

Miri AF in conjunction with Informed Consent Matters (e.g., Miri in conjunction with Mark!) is very pleased to announce we are developing a new, newspaper-length booklet, regarding vaccines, and what's really "reasonable" where it comes to injections.

The booklet will contain the text from a comprehensive article I recently wrote, here:

A lot of people have told me how much they enjoyed reading it (thank you 🙂 ) and that it's something they wish'd they'd read years ago, or that they could get family and friends to read now, with some even printing it off to hand out. The problem with this is, with today's attention spans, long "text walls", especially on controversial or challenging subjects, are usually instantly dismissed, so this isn't the ideal format for spreading the message.

To attract and engage someone's attention on a new or potentially difficult subject, the text needs to be a bit more "bite size", cut down into digestible portions and broken up with colour and images (hence why the tabloid style of newspaper - e.g., The Mirror - is so much more popular that broadsheet, e.g., The Times).

So, that's what we've endeavoured to do with our booklet - present the information in such a way that it's attractive, engaging, and digestible - that it won't scare relative "newbies" (or even normies!) off.

You can see what the (approximately 50 A5 page) booklet will look like at the link here and below (please note some images may change in the final production, this is just giving a general idea of layout and look), but before we do an initial print-run, we need to know how much interest there might be (hopefully some..!). So, if you'd be interested in acquiring a copy or copies, please put in your order now, and then we can arrange a print-run ASAP to get them to you.

Thank you 🙂


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